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Saddlerock Ranch - A Day Out in Malibu

November 30, 2020

Everyone in this industry knows what a killer venue Saddlerock Ranch is. When David and Jessica first approached us all those months ago, they presented us with this palette, one that caught our eye and couldn't turn away from. It was so timeless, classy but in the realm of making it avant-garde - which we all know is our specialty. Anything different and unique, we're totally game. Not only did David and Jessica completely trusted us with creating their florals, they completely stuck by our side during the pandemic. We couldn't ask for anything better, really. Dream couple, dream palette, dream venue. I mean... *chef kiss*

All vendors KNOW what a monolith that ceremony arch is. It's huge, stately, can be overwhelming to some degree but that's what makes it so well-known amongst the floral community. Any type of look you do, you gotta go all out. We also do have to mention that while setting up ceremony, this random swarm of bees - we're not kidding, like a DARK CLOUD of bees came out of nowhere and buzzed around the site. We dropped all our blooms and ran for the hills til they passed. No one was hurt or got stung but lots of terror and screaming were involved. It was all worth it in the end for these gorgeous pics. Anyways, happy scrolling! xx

Venue: Saddlerock Ranch
Photographer: Madison Rylee
Coordinator: Allie Shane over at Pop The Champagne

We love this bride tribe!
*heart eyes*
This cake shot with the mountains in the back just kill us!