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Colony 29 - Dancing in the Desert

January 6, 2021

Oh man, have you ever seen so much glorious bougainvillea? We could walk through a field of it (but not really because that'd be so painful). Colony 29 is a venue we have never worked at before but have only heard great things. So when we Hailey Lillard reached out to us for her clients Megan and Robert, we hopped on eagerly. The biggest priority for them was blooms, blooms and more blooms. Did we mention how bloomy they wanted their wedding to be? Yup. Blooms.

We fell in love with their ceremony, too - one side with fresh florals and the other, pampas grass. We forgot to mention that we did this wedding back in Fall of 2018 when pampas grass was JUST BARELY entering the scene for weddings. Now in 2020 (continuing into 2021), pampas grass is all we see! Not that we have a problem with it but I'm sure all vendors know the difficulties of trying to not have it shed absolutely everywhere. It's almost like glitter. But fluffier. Anyways, this look gave reception almost a dreamy-like feel with the strung lights overhead during night time. We were so pleased with the outcome. Happy scrolling! Xx

Venue: Colony 29
Photographer: Rachel Jane Photography
Coordinator: Hailey Lillard from Detailed Touch Events