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Franciscan Gardens - We Love Melodrama

June 23, 2020

A while back, we collaborated with Franciscan Gardens to do a photoshoot of their newly finished space that was under-construction the previous year. Franciscan Gardens have always been our tried and true venues -- a staple in our year. If we go an entire year without setting up there, we know something's off. We had the absolute pleasure to work with Emma Hopp, who is a photography genius and giant in the industry (we also had the sweet pleasure of doing her wedding!) and Kelsey Sage. A trio of three strong women, I mean, how can this photoshoot get any better? Also, an applause how our flawless model and couple for this shoot. An incredibly fun shoot and we're so happy with the outcome. Happy scrolling! Xx

Venue: Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano
Coordination & Planning: Kelsey Sage
Photography: Emma Hopp