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Historic Cree Estate - A Sweet, Sweet Victor-Cree!

May 6, 2020

Guys. Guys... GUYS!!! Are you seeing what we're seeing? This. Bouquet. A showstopper, yeah? It was a real treat for us over at the studio to work on this wedding for Michael and Alexis at The Historic Cree Estate in Palm Springs back in February 2020. Their look was bright and colorful tropical meets desert but throw in a little "black tie affair" in there as well. Ya'll know how much we love to add black to our florals.

These two were just the absolute sweetest couple - so easy-going, gave us their full complete trust in the look. Even while we were setting up on site, there was a little drizzle of rain coming down in the early afternoon and you know what their reaction was? Completely chill... laidback - "if it rains, it rains". We LOVE that attitude. Also, they had churros at the end of the night... With a side of chocolate dipping sauce... Uhh... We'd like to take a vote and say that this should be a necessity for all weddings!! ;) Anyways, enough typing... Happy scrolling! Xx

Venue: Historic Cree Estate
Photographer: Nicole Leever
Coordinator: Samantha Dapper